Palm City, FL


Palm-City-Gas-Line-Repairs-Replacement-300x200I Need the Plumber & AC is your reliable Palm City HVAC Company and Plumber. We have spent years honing our skills to become the best HVAC and plumbing repair company that also performs expert installation and maintenance services for our customers. We have worked hard to become a company that can be trusted for all of your plumbing and HVAC needs so don’t hesitate to call us for anything. For your convenience, we offer same day service for those issues that can’t wait until tomorrow and we are also always on call for emergencies.

Palm City Air Conditioning Repairs

You should only let a licensed and skilled HVAC technician perform repairs on your system because of the risk to you and your system. There are electrical components that pose a shock hazard if not handled properly and there are delicate parts that can be easily broken if not carefully handled. We will be glad to help troubleshoot issues with your system so we can repair them efficiently to get you back to living in comfort.

Palm City Plumber

Your plumbing is something that should not be taken lightly. It’s true that most homeowners don’t really give a second thought to the state of their plumbing… until something goes wrong. A clogged drain can wreak havoc on your home easily and can do much more damage if not handled properly. We clear clogged drains quickly so you don’t have to worry. We also tackle every leaky faucet, overflowing toilet and broken pipe with the ease and skill that we have honed over the years. Your plumbing is in the best hands with us.

Palm City Plumbing Inspections

Getting routine plumbing inspections will help make sure that all of the components in your plumbing system are working as they should. We thoroughly assess the state that your pipes, fixtures and drains are in so we can make sure that any current and potential problems are noted and repaired quickly so you aren’t caught unaware in the future. Call us today to set up your routine plumbing inspection. This is a necessary thing for maintaining your plumbing so it can continue to work for you.

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