Does A Drain Cleaning Bladder Work?

Written by I Need The Plumber

November 9, 2022

Does a drain cleaning bladder work

Dealing with stubborn clogs in your Port St. Lucie home can be frustrating and time-consuming. One of the most effective yet inexpensive ways to clear clogs is to use a drain cleaning bladder. Read on for more information about this incredible device that can help solve your plumbing problems or cause more.

What is A Drain Cleaning Bladder?

what is a drain cleaning bladder

what is a drain cleaning bladder


Also identified as a blow bag, a drain cleaning bladder is a flexible rubber balloon with a pressure-sensitive release valve. It resembles a rubber pickle with a hose fitting at one of the ends.

To clean the drain, you first fix the rubber balloon to a water source. It swells as it fills up, encompassing the entire diameter of the drain pipe. Once full, the blow bag shoots out pressurized water that should push the blockage down the drains.

Where to Purchase Drain Cleaning Bladder

You can purchase the drain cleaning bladder from a local home improvement store, or online. You may prefer to buy one individually once the need arises or a drain bladder kit with a combo pack that contains all sizes and accessories.

Advantages of Using Drain Cleaning Bladders

The drain cleaning bladder is ideal for small, tougher clogs that can be difficult to remove with other methods, such as the plunger or drain snakes. You can use the devices in multiple plumbing fixtures, from clogged kitchen sinks to blocked shower and bathtub drains.

Concerns Over Drain Cleaning Bladders


The DIY use of drain cleaning bladders often raises serious safety concerns. These include:

Burst Pipes
Purchasing the wrongly sized drain bladder can result in pipe breaks as the rubber expands. Additionally, the high pressure can damage weak or rusty piping. Pipe breaks can flood your home.

Ineffective Against Certain Clogs
The drain cleaning bladders are not the ultimate solution to all clog problems. They may fail to completely push out hair blockages or grease clogs resulting in backed-up drains.

The rubber balloons are also ineffective in plumbing systems with T-joints. They may push the clog further down from the current spot, making removal more difficult.

Potential Injuries If Pipe Bursts
The rapturing of the plumbing lines can also create a personal safety hazard. The flying shards of the pipes can cause bodily harm if you do not have the requisite safety garment.

If the Bladder Comes Off the Water Source
We have dealt with customers who had the drain cleaning bladder come off the water source and caused an even larger problem as they had a rubber piece stuck in front of the clog. This forces you to have to contact a local plumber and requires more labor to repair the clog the professional way.

These reasons make it more reasonable to hire a drain cleaning company like I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning to inspect the pipes with a camera and clean them with the right tools and equipment. Contact us today to find out more about our drain cleaning services in Port St. Lucie.

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