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Mini Split System Sales & Installation in Port St Lucie

mini-split-sysnA  comfortable home is a happy home. We install single room or multi-room systems. If you’ve been looking into replacing your air conditioning system recently, then you probably have heard the term Mini Split System, I Need the Plumber & AC will be glad to help you installations, repairs and maintenance of these extremely versatile units. The mini split system is a two component air systems like most AC units. However, it is the delivery of that air that separates it from the traditional central air systems you are used to.

Also referred to as ductless, the mini split system has no duct work installed to deliver its air flow. Instead the compressor (outside) delivers coolant through refrigerant lines to the wall mounted air handlers that then cool and distribute the air throughout the home.

The advantage for your home is that if you don’t have to have large bulky ducts installed or added onto your home. These ducts can drive the installation cost of a new home or to a new part of the home up drastically, and can also increase install times furthering disrupting your life. Also, there are times where ducts cannot reach places you want the air. Maybe you have a new room in the attic after renovations, but running ducts through the beams to reach it would be far too costly. The mini split system uses small thin coolant lines that are capable of reaching and stretching through much smaller spaces allowing you to have cool comfortable air is spaces you never dreamed possible before.

mini-split-sysAnother large advantage of the mini split system, is the level of control that you have for each room. Since the air is not being handled by a centralized control unit, you can individually control the temperature throughout your home, saving on energy cost in the end.

Possible uses for a Ductless Mini Split Single Room System:

  • New Additions
  • Room Conversions
  • Florida Rooms
  • Climate Controlling Older Homes

A multi-room mini-split system can be used as a whole house replacement. SEER Ratings 30 and over provide great savings in your utility budget.

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