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Waste-Sewer Vent Installation & Service, Port St Lucie

Waste Sewer Vent Replacement and Repair in Port St. Lucie FLI Need the Plumber & AC is experienced with installing, repairing and maintaining water-sewer vents. Waste-sewer vent systems empty into the house’s septic system or into a municipal sewer and rely on gravity rather than water pressure to move fluids through the system. In addition to drain and waste pipes that carry liquid and solid waste away, a waste-sewer vent system consists of vent lines that provide an exit route for sewer gases and that equalize atmospheric pressure within the waste-sewer vent system, allowing liquids to flow freely down and out.

Vents are required at each trap and eventually link back up with the soil stack, which is then vented through the roof. Traps are curved sections of pipe which retain water and block sewer gases from entering the house through the fixture. Because air is used in every waste system, they are called drain waste vent systems.

In addition, drain waste pipes are typically large in diameter, which can sometimes make it difficult to route them through framing. Cast iron and PVC are the two most common drain waste vent pipe materials. To learn more about waste sewer vents or to schedule sewer cleaning, sewer repairs, or plumbing service with a licensed and reliable plumber, please call I Need The Plumber & AC today. We are available 24/7 to take care of your plumbing service requests.

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