Water is the source of life. Many people don’t think twice when turning on the faucet to grab a drink – but that water had to go through a process to ensure it would be free of contaminants and harmful bacteria before reaching your glass. Water filtration and purification are processes that rid water of impurities, contaminants and unpleasant tastes and odors – making it cleaner, tastier and easier to drink. We install Enviro water treatment systems and are happy to answer any questions you may have, or give you a quote.

Remove Contaminants from Water

Installing a whole-house filtration system can make the water in your home safer and refreshing. Cities often add chlorine to water supplies for sanitation purposes, but this can have a negative impact on health after prolonged exposure. Our skin’s pores soak up chlorine instantly from both water from bathing and water vapors when showering, which can leave skin itchy, dry and uncomfortable. Enviro Water Products help to filter out chlorine and other chemicals, such as pesticides, solvents, and metals. This filtration system also removes sediment introduced by leaky pipes – this is important because the sediment can cause contamination and clogs if left untreated.

Five Stages of Water Filtration

The filtration system consists of five separate filter. The first filter is a 5-micron sediment filter, and is designed to catch sand, debris, rust, and silt as it passes through. stages 2 & 3 consists of a blend of high-grade activated carbons, which filters hundreds of chemicals and contaminants. Stage four uses a bacteriostatic copper-zinc oxidation media to prevent and reduce algae growth and bacteria. Finally, the water passes through the special “NaturSoft” Enviro’s proprietary salt-free water softener to reduce the harmful effects of hard water without the use of salt or chemicals, no more back washing or use of electricity. .

You may not realize it, but the water in your home could be layered with harmful chemicals. Contact I Need the Plumber & AC to see how they can help you install a whole-house water filtration system to keep your water pure.