Slab Leak Repair in Port St.
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In Need Of Slab Leak Repair? We Got You Covered!

Slab leaks can be tricky to be detected but are critical to addressing as soon as they are identified. The abnormally high water bills, low pressure of steam, mold problems, or excess water around the base of the home’s foundation are the common signs of a slab leak. A slab repair specialist can swiftly and expertly repair the leak no matter where it is originating from.

There are a couple of places where a slab leak can come from, and it’s usually not that easy to find without the specially designed equipment. A professional can quickly find the root of the problem and offer a solution before your foundation gets even more damaged.

What is a Slab Leak and How is it Repaired?

Slab leaks are brought about by various factors. The sort of fix your slab needs will be dependent on the kind of leak that it has. Some of the factors that lead to slab leaks are soil corrosion on copper pipes, improper installation of water pipes, incidental damage from building or remodeling, and ground/foundation moving.

A chemical reaction can occur when copper pipes are in contact with soil over a long period of time. This reaction results in corrosion, which can cause pipes to leak. Soil isn’t the only component homeowners need to stress over, in any case. Underground pipes are prone to damage when they are abraded by gravel, rocks, or concrete during normal ground shifts or the expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes.

The truth is that wear and tear, erosion, scrapes, scratches, tears, and lacerations that take place from the ground material, are able to result in leaks forming. As you know leaks are not something that you want and it is something that needs urgent attention. When the ground shifts this, unfortunately, causes problems. It actually makes the risks for abrasions and damage to the pipes even worse. The elements beneath the foundation will move and this will result in even bigger problems. It is usually best to put preventative measures in place.

Aside from factors in the environment, improper installation may have damaged the pipes. During the building of a house, it’s common for some materials to have inadvertent damages. Anything more significant than minimal damages could be truly problematic to the function of the pipes and lead to an eventual leak in your home.

When your pipes lack insulation this can cause them to rub against other pipes or to expand. If you do not have knowledge of how your home was built then it may be challenging for you to know when you will have a slab leak in the future. When one happens, certain causes need to be investigated and resolved in order to avoid future problems.

Slab leak detection can go unchecked for a long time as homeowners don’t usually check their home’s foundation until they notice a problem or some damage has already been done. In areas with much seismic activity, homeowners should check their foundation periodically for signs of leaking pipes.

It usually is impossible to figure out if your pipes were installed improperly until there is a problem that arises from it. But when an issue with it arises, you need to have it fixed by a professional the soonest.

Extensive repairs, mold problems, foundation erosion, and termite infestations are all problems associated with neglected slab leaks. A technician can assess the slab leak and determine the best type of repair. Slab repairs can become quite expensive, but this all depends on a variety of factors.

A professional can also give an explanation of the slab leak options and their cost to the homeowner. In order to perform your slab leak repair, I Need The Plumber & AC may have to undertake the following measures.

Jackhammer the slab

In order for them to be able to see accurately the slab leak then the plumber may need to jackhammer through it. Upon doing this, they can find out where the leak originates and have the copper pipes replaced when necessary. Surprisingly, this can often be the least expensive repair solution.

Reroute water lines

If the cause of leakage is in a pipe under costly flooring or other fixtures, it may be less expensive for a repairman to redirect existing water lines rather than remove the pipes directly. The pipe that is not working may just be simply left under the floor, but no water will flow through it.

Your homeowner’s policy may cover the cost of digging up a leaking pipe and repairing the damage done to your home’s foundation by a slab leak, but the cost of replacing the pipe may have to come out of your pocket. Homeowner’s insurance is also unlikely to cover any water damage from a slab leak not repaired right away. When a slab leak is spotted, give us a call a right away so that we can send a skilled slab leak repair professional to fix the leak before it causes damage beyond repair.



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