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Do you have a plumbing emergency in Port St. Lucie and are looking for a reliable plumber? If so, look no further than I Need The Plumbing & Air Conditioning Company. We are proud to be one of the most applauded companies specializing in residential plumbing services. Call us today if you need plumbing repair in your home, and our highly skilled techs will come to your rescue.

There are many reasons you may want to hire our plumbing repair services rather than execute the job yourself. First, we have over three decades of plumbing experience providing safe and reliable services to Port St. Lucie residents.

Our team of technicians has been specifically trained for the plumbing job. They can promptly detect the issue with your plumbing system and deploy the most suitable solution to help ensure your home is functioning correctly. When you hire our company, we come prepared with our fully stocked trucks, which are stocked with 95% of parts necessary to complete the job without leaving your home. We refer to our trucks as (our warehouse on wheels) so we are always ready to get the job done right! Our technicians will also perform complementary plumbing safety inspections while at your home to make sure you are aware of any concerning issues.

Moreover, we are a licensed plumbing company and work with highly trained technicians who are dedicated to their work. All our Port St. Lucie plumbing services adhere to local, state, and national plumbing codes. This means your work will be executed according to the most relevant plumbing codes, which can add to your home’s resale value.

In addition, we understand that your home’s safety is paramount. Our professional plumbers are well-versed with safety protocols and will work diligently to ensure your plumbing system works correctly and safely. Read some of the commonly asked questions we get from new customers below.

Bathroom Plumbing Repair

How Much Is Plumbing Repair?

Several factors determine the cost of plumbing repair in Florida, from the extent of the repair to the urgency of the project in question and the equipment and material needed. You may also need to pay more for urgent plumbing repairs. You can expect to pay an average cost of $155 to $450 for a minor plumbing repair project.

How Long Do Plumbing Repairs Take?

How long plumbing repairs take depends on the nature and scope of the problem (underground, between first and second floor or just simply under the sink). Some plumbing issues can be as simple as a slow drain or as complex as corroded pipes or a running toilet. As such, simple plumbing issues can be fixed within an hour to a couple of hours, while repairing complex issues can take a day or more to complete.

No matter what the job calls for, we’re ready for it. During your appointment window, we’ll arrive on time in a fully stocked truck, so we can get the job done right away!

What Are Signs of Plumbing Problems?

Plumbing issues can cause significant inconveniences and wreak havoc on your home if left unchecked.

Fortunately, there are warning signs to show you’ve got plumbing problems in your home. These may include dripping faucets, dripping pipes, screeching sounds, drain issues, discolored water, low water pressure, a running toilet, gurgling sounds and more.

Can a Homeowner Do Their Own Plumbing Work in Florida?

The short answer is yes; a homeowner can do their own plumbing work depending on the plumbing repair requirements.

Some plumbing repair projects are simple and can easily be handled by the homeowner.

However, most are complex and may require experts who understand the technicalities of the job and the necessary permits required to complete the job to home code standards.

We Have Your Plumbing Repairs Covered

Our professionals specialize in all things plumbing related, from large plumbing repairs or installations to minor plumbing leaks or clogs. If you need a plumbing repair service you can depend on, the experts at I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning are here to help. Put your trust in us and rest assured that we will take care of all your plumbing needs and repairs with expert service, and a satisfaction guarantee.

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