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At I Need the Plumber & AC, we offer memberships for our exclusive maintenance clubs. These annual maintenance plans provide discounts on almost all service calls and free plumbing or AC inspections which allow the homeowner to plan for maintenance items instead of costly emergency repairs. Our club members also become “priority customers” and are elevated to the top of our list.


Why apply for a Lifetime or Diamond Club membership?

  • Monthly/annual membership*
  • Low monthly investment or annual payment
  • Annual inspection of your entire plumbing system
  • Priority service—you go to the front of the line in order of emergency
  • You receive a 10% or 15% discount on all repairs, depending on membership
  • Full two years warranty protection on most repairs

Monthly membership requires a minimum one-year commitment. Applicable warranties will remain in effect through credit card loss or transfer, provided the transfer is made within 30 days of missed billing, and charges are brought current. Permanent cancellation of credit source by member will result in the termination of all warranties and can also result in a charge-back of previous discounts

Diamond Club Standard & Lifetime Maintenance Club Memberships

As a Lifetime Club member, you get a lifetime warranty on all deluxe and premium fixtures provided and installed by us. Repairs are free as long as your lifetime club is in good standing. We also provide annual inspections of your home’s plumbing system that can bring potential problems to your attention before they become large ones and allow planning for repairs. Additionally, you move to the front of the line or priority status, which means shorter wait times to get the expert service you need and discounts on repairs to your plumbing system. These are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a Lifetime Club member. Please ask your technician for further information.

The Diamond Club, on the other hand, is plumbing security for your home. It is second to the Lifetime Club membership but can give you the same annual inspection and shorter wait times for service.

Climate Club Air Conditioning Maintenance Membership

An air conditioning preventative program that provides inspections, discounts, and priority service for that select group of customers who prefer to maintain equipment to minimize emergency repairs.

  • Complete preventative maintenance
  • Free annual system inspection
  • Keep your system running at peak efficiency
  • Extend the life of your system–fewer breakdowns
  • Safety inspection of all system components
  • The same 15% off all repairs pricing as listed on our invoices.
  • Climate Club members go to the front of the line or top of our appointment book
  • Guaranteed appointments in 24 hours or less
  • Money-saving discount on repairs
  • Service fee reduced

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