Should You Purchase and Have Home Depot Install a Garbage Disposal?

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October 4, 2022

Should You Purchase and Have Home Depot Install a Garbage Disposal

Many modern homes have garbage disposals. They are common in townhouses and apartments, but does that make them suitable for everyone? From convenience to cleaner kitchens, garbage disposals offer several benefits. If you have decided to buy a home garbage disposal from Home Depot, you might be wondering whether you should request them to install your unit. Keep reading to learn more about garbage disposals and its installation.

What is a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal is a device placed under a kitchen sink and connected to the property’s drainage system. It helps break down food waste for ease of passage through the drain. One advantage of garbage disposal is that it reduces the size of food waste, thus enhancing biodegradation. Besides, most local water systems have water treatment plants that turn the waste food into an energy source or fertilizer.

The disposal has a small motor that rotates a blade that chops any waste in the grinding chamber. The garbage disposal also has a plate system and an impeller that pushes the pieces of waste particles down the drainage system. The drain from the dishwasher also goes through the garbage disposal. This implies that food waste is ground first before passing through your home’s drainage system.

Most people believe that all garbage disposals have blades. However, the spinning mechanism in most units does not use a blade. Some units have two lugs that spin uniformly. It is referred to as a blade to facilitate understanding in conversations.

How Can I Use a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals vary, but most require you to initiate the waste breakdown. Typically, you only need to flip a switch above the counter. There is also a reset button below the sink on the grinding chamber. Before allowing the waste to drain into the grinding chamber, turning the garbage disposal on is advisable. Once the food waste is gone, turn off the disposal and run the water for a few seconds.

One of the best ways to ensure your garbage disposal unit is productive and serves you for a lengthy period is to ensure you don’t overwork it. There are some items that you shouldn’t drain down the kitchen sink. The larger the particles, the higher the chances of complications. A simple stopper can help prevent large pieces of food waste from draining into your pipe.

Where Should I be Purchasing Garbage Disposal?

Whether you want garbage disposal for your home or restaurant, you can find it from trusted plumbers or online stores if you are more of the DIYer.

The decision on where to shop for garbage disposal depends on your budget, preferences, and the additional services offered by the installer. After purchasing a Lowe’s garbage disposal or Home Depot garbage disposal, you can schedule installation services with experts from local companies like I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning. When you purchase from the big box stores though, just remember that guarantees and product warrantees are through the box store and in most cases not through the installer; why it pays to just go through the local plumber.

The Beauty of working with a local installation company is that you will get adequate and real customer service, unlike the box stores. When you hire, I Need The Plumber & AC for installation services, you will get a service warranty, which gives you peace of mind as a new customer.

Do I Need a Garbage Disposal Service?

Care and maintenance are necessary considering the tons of waste flowing through a garbage disposal. With continuous usage, the units can become less effective. In that case, it is essential to consider scheduling a garbage maintenance service. The maintenance can ensure you eliminate unwanted smells.

With these tips, you can leverage the use of your garbage disposal unit and reduce the need for regular repairs:

  • Allow only biodegradable waste – Although it is referred to as garbage disposal, it is not designed for all types of waste. Including plastic bags and paper towels will only worsen the situation. Fibrous foods, fruit pits, and bones are also unsuitable for your garbage disposal.
  • Clean the Garbage disposal – Although the disposal unit may be out of your sight, it is essential to ensure it stays clean. The best cleaning method we recommend is to put ice cubes in the garbage disposer once or twice per month and run it until the ice is gone. Cleans all the inside mechanism.
Ready to Purchase and Thinking Where to Purchase a Garbage Disposal from?

Garbage disposal is an essential tool that provides homeowners peace of mind and convenience. With appropriate garbage disposal installation and maintenance, you can rest assured your unit will serve you for years to come. Give I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning a call today with any questions or concerns you may have.

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