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Need reliable AC repair in Fort Pierce, FL? I Need The Plumber and Air Conditioning offers several HVAC services to keep your AC running in tip-top shape. Find out more about our AC repair services and how you can get started with us today.

If you live in the Fort Pierce area, it’s no secret that having a working air conditioning system is a necessity for getting through those blistering summer months, and throughout the year. If your home’s air conditioning fails, the summer heat can quickly become a nightmare.

Unfortunately, home air conditioning units often fail when we need them most. When that happens, you’ll need help from a team of trained AC specialists to get your AC back up and running. These professionals offer Fort Pierce residents access to air conditioning services such as installing new AC parts, tune-ups and maintenance, repairing and replacing damaged or old components, ductwork, and indoor air quality repair, enabling clean and cool air to flow safely throughout your home. If you don’t know where to look, getting a high-quality AC repair in Fort Pierce, FL, can be challenging.

Fort Pierce is known for its balmy year-round weather and approachable atmosphere, and when it comes to things to do, Fort Pierce doesn’t disappoint. The area has plenty of outdoor offerings, such as golf courses and parks, which are great for residents seeking to relax and get some fresh air.

The area’s restaurants include local establishments with unique and mouth-watering cuisine and several popular national chains offering tried and true classics, imbuing the area with a wide range of flavors for a remarkable dining experience. With plenty of local lounges and clubs, Fort Pierce residents enjoy a lively nightlife with plenty of exciting social opportunities. Without a doubt, Fort Pierce has a little something for everyone.

The last thing we want is for you to be stuck bouncing around searching for AC repair providers when you should instead be enjoying the warm air and attractions of the Fort Pierce area. If your air conditioning issues are left unchecked, the summer heat can effectively transform your home into a makeshift oven.

Unresolved AC issues can also cause your home’s indoor air quality to suffer, increasing the chances of you or your family becoming sick. Fortunately, with over 30 years of experience and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, I Need The Plumber and Air Conditioning has built a strong reputation as the leading air conditioning service provider in the Fort Pierce area.

Our team of AC repair specialists is deeply familiar with the area, the weather, and how these factors can affect your home’s AC. Using our AC repair knowledge and experience, we can easily determine the cause of your AC issues and resolve them before you know it. If you and your family are sick of dealing with air conditioning issues, know that our team of experts is just a call or click away. To find out more, get in touch with the team at I Need The Plumber and Air Conditioning, and we’ll get you all squared away!

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We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive residential AC and Plumbing services to our customers in Fort Pierce, FL, using industry-leading techniques and only the best parts and tools for installation and repairs that last a long time.


Slab leaks can be tricky to detect, but are critical to address as soon as they are identified. The abnormally high water bills, low water pressure, mold issues, or excess water around the base of the home’s foundation are common signs of a slab leak.


Even if you give your garbage disposal proper care and maintenance, you may eventually need to contact a professional plumber for garbage disposal installation or repair services.


Our plumbing experts are equipped with the latest technology and tools to unclog your drain faster and effectively. Whether your drain produces strange sounds or nasty smells or takes longer to drain, you can always trust us to provide quality services.

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